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Looking for quick cheap used car sales in Melbourne?

Need a set of wheels but don’t have loads of money?

How do you know you’ll get good value?

You need to sell that car fast but don’t know if you can trust the dealer?

Trade Your Car is here to help!

Trade Your Car strives for complete customer satisfaction. Our priority is that you sell your car: easily, hassle free, quickly and most importantly, at a price suitable to you.

There are no advertising costs and no waiting.

We will provide a quote for your car and, if needed, help you find another car of your choice.

We will beat quotes by other dealers or competitors!

We have had hundreds of satisfied customers and look forward to assisting you.
How we assist you:

  • Complete a short online form. Go to Trade Your Car Inquiry Form.

  • We will contact you via phone or email within 24 hours after your inquiry.